Welcome!  You have found your way to Mac Dougall Consulting for Disabilities, holistic health and massage.  I travel to senior living facilities and communities in many Ventura County locations.

Would you like to feel better?  Have me explain what I see when you are lying on my table?  Learn ways to work with postural imperfections and correct what you can?  Remember, I can only do so much in an hour so this is a partnership working toward healing.


If I cannot fit you in, I have a referral network from my group at http//www.seniormassagegroup.com.  One of these great therapists may be able to serve you more quickly.  Call me 805-202-6379.


Be sure and check out my e-book on Amazon.  I teach from this book, speak to groups, and coach individuals so our senior and disabled populations receive more understanding from those who work with them.


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