About the Practitioner

Linda Mac Dougall, M.A. Pschology, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist

1000 hours basic training with many hours of additional training now added such as Myoskeletal work, Reiki, Lymphatic, and a few others.  Included in basic hours was hypnomassage, a not too common practice.

Serving those who need it most is what I do.  I work with senior living facilities and communities.  I travel to serve the seniors and the disabled of any age.

Much of my earlier years were spent serving the developmentally challenged or the mentally ill.  I knew that one day I would work with seniors and that day has come.  I love my seniors!

I am also interested in establishing business that contracts with various senior living facilities to provide independent contractors to them as a vendor organization.

Also, I am interested in sponsors/partners to support massage for caregivers and those who cannot afford the service.  Contact me for how we can work together.


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